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The ParkGenie App is a new and innovative way of making more parking bays available to the public without making any expensive structural change. The ParkGenie App also contibutes to reduction of pollution in cities. Furthermore, the ParkGenie App will contribute to better driving experience when going into the cities.

Find the most convenient parking space

ParkGenie for fast and hassel-free parking

Find parking at you destination

Search the map, and park at your convenience

Book & Pay

Reserve and pay your parking bay in advance, and save time

Park at a designated parking spot

Don't worry about getting parking tickets or being towed away

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 Watch Now, This is how it works?

Until 1st June we are building up inventory (Parking Space) for the ParkGenie App, meaning only Parking Space Partner App will available. Please do send your parking space for approval and do not hesitate to get back to us in case you have any questions The ParkGenie Partner App and User App are both available on GooglePlay store, and will be availabel on App Store from 1 May.