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Smart Parking Solutions For Gated and Open Parking Lots

We understand the various needs of multi-level indoor parking. gated parking and outdoor parking. Having worked with parking operators we know the importance having full transparency of operations and revenues is paramount, as is providing customers a hassle free parking experience.

At ParkGenie we help you digitize your open or gated parking lot through a simple, customized and scalable digital parking management platform enabling you to digitally transform your parking to a smarter parking.

Maximize revenues and enhance customer satisfaction

Smart Parking Solutions For Gated and Open Parking Lots

A small change to transform your parking operations

ParkGenie offers easy to use and deploy, customized and scalable digital parking management solutions to affordably digitally transform your parking operations.

Use the power of data to elevate your operations. Access real time visibility and control of the facility asset portfolio with robust reporting and analytics to improve the efficiency of your operations.

By connecting all parking and mobility participants across the value chain through a common platform, ParkGenie, is able to help create a balanced parking ecosystem enabling maximize efficiency and returns though sustainable and smarter urban mobility decisions.

A small change to transform your parking operations

Get Total Control Over Your Operations


Realtime Parking

E-Ticketing and
Online Payments

Online Permit

Remote Asset

Pre Authorised
Access Management

Existing Hardware

Improve Transparency and Efficiency

  • Digitize and record every transaction of any payment mode
  • Get access real time and historical data visibility of all the facilities asset portfolio, through a common platform.
  • Get real-time report and alerts and improve workflows
  • Integrate and control all parking infrastructure on one platform.

Hierarchical Realtime
user dashboards

Dynatic Parking Space

Control and Change Tariffs


Maximize Your Asset Returns

  • Detailed revenue tracking helps plug any revenue leakages
  • Use dashboards and historical data understand parking trends and behaviors across operations
  • Plan parking spaces and tariffs and resources based on data insights for every site.

Digital Ticketless

Digital Wallets and
Online Payments

White Labelled
Consumer App

Search and book Parking
& EV Charging

Enhance User Experience

  • Hassle free digital ticketless entry
  • Convenient cashless online payments
  • Customized (White-labled) consumer application to search book and navigate to the parking and EV Charging Stations

Hassle-free digital
Permits and

Convenient to
purchase and
set up

Offer Flexible

Improve parking

Ability to remotely
audit Operations

Friendly solution

Easy and Efficient Permit Management

Use ParkGenie Permits to modernize your parking permit process effortless. Enable seamless access for authorized vehicles and appropriate use of designated parking areas to ensure, appropriate utilization of parking space.

Permit access verification can be done using RFID, ANPR or manually with digital recording.

Digitize permit management, make the process easy, increases compliance, as well as automate access management while elevating your user experience.

  • Convert any smart phone into a smart parking management system
  • Easily Connect boom barriers to our software
  • Connect existing RFID access
  • Connect any surveillance equipment
  • Monitor all equipment with one platform

Low Capex with High Impact

If you have existing equipment or a software solution we can help you economically upgrade your facility. Just let us know what solutions you are looking for, and we will customize and seamlessly integrate and upgrade the your exiting infrastructure to a smarter and better solution.Our CloudGenie, help connect all your current systems, platforms and infrastructure for parking and access management on one platform.

ParkGenie app can also easily integrate with your existing boom barriers or RFID access system, helping you enhance the experience of all users.

Our flexible platform enables you to customize the solution allowing you to start with a basic system and scale up when you are ready to take the next step.

Let us help you provide a state of the art user experience at your parking facility

We believe, there are no limits to innovation

Think of your wishes to smarten mobility in your facility and leave it to “ParkGenie” to create a digital ecosystem to meet all your parking and access management needs.

If there is something you need, and cannot find it here, we would be happy to work to build it together.

You wish. We deliver.

We believe, there are no limits to innovation