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Smart Parking Solutions For Residential Complexes

A home is where you should feel the safest, and that is what a good residential community should provide to all its residents. With advancement of technology now residential developments can get access to easy to use solutions which not only enhance the security but also provide more convenience to residents.

The The ParkGenie Residential Solutions help Facility Managers and Resident Welfare Associations, completely digitize the access management, parking management and management of community affairs through a single platform. Our solution is fully customizable and scalable and can be used for any residential area, fully or partially gated.

Enhance security and drive sustainability by seamlessly integrating with ParkGenie and optimize security for the benefit of the residents, welfare association and security personnel.

Smart Parking Solutions For Residential Complexes

A small change for smarter and safer
community living

Seamlessly integrate with ParkGenie to experience an unique automated, flexible and scalable app and web based platform which integrates access management, parking management, visitor management and community affairs, helping you simplify life in your residential community.

  • Enhance Security

    Ensure that every person or vehicle entering the community is pre- authorised by a resident.

  • Easy to use and deploy Customized, white labeled application to manage urban residential community living


    Administrator Web/ Mobile App Resident Mobile App Guard Mobile App

  • Easy Community Management

    Easily communicate with residents, manage accounts, resolve complaints


Automatic Entry/

Authorised Visitor

Digital Access

Resident Alerts

Enforcement &
Vehicle Tracing

Track Guard

Enhance Security and Transparency

ParkGenie offers easy to use and deploy, customized and scalable digital parking and access management solutions to affordably digitally transform your residential community living. Deliver improved security and enhanced transparency across operations.

  • Pre-authorized entry and exit for resident vehicles using RFID or ANPR technology
  • Pre-authorize visitor management using SMS system codes or calls
  • Customized alerts on resident app for visitor and car access
  • Keep digital records of all gate access
  • Effective parking management and space utilization
  • Customized alerts and reports and vehicle tracing to enable effective enforcement
  • Use technology to record guard patrols

Let us help provide the safe home your community deserves.




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