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A small change to make your office future ready

Parking and access management one of the top criteria in choosing an office facility. Be the leader in making your facility stand out in this very competitive commercial real-estate market.

Improve your asset and the user experience with ParkGenie. An easy to use, integrated. flexible and scalable digital parkin management platform to manage, optimize and automate employee and visitor parking and access management to fit your company's unique needs.

Retain existing tenants. Attract new tenants​
Futureproof employee parking in minutes.

Works for all kind of offices

With real time parking analytics, enable reallocation of parking space to staff in need, so they focus on what they do best.

  • Single Tenant Tower
    Single Tenant Tower

    Install ParkGenie in your single owned or rented office space and give your employees a hassle free parking and access management solution.

  • Multi-Tenant Tower
    Multi-Tenant Tower

    With ParkGenie, you ensure a superior tenant and employee experience. Reduce congestion, and maximize revenues. Offer your tenants more parking per sq foot.

  • Stand alone office
    Stand alone office

    Have a office or coworking space, in a multi tenant building you can use ParkGenie to better manage your parking across facilities, with no impact to other tenants.


Real time Occupancy

Space Release Management