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Smart Parking and Access Management Solutions Educational Institutions

An educational institution are not open to public access and yet they host many visitors in addition to the students and staff. It is not just about imparting good education but also about providing a secure and safe environment. It is to ensure that the institution is able to cater for the different needs of students, staff and visitors.

ParkGenie offers a customized, flexible and scalable digital access and parking management platform enabling you to digitally transform your university or school.We help you in providing a secure and safe environment through pre-authorized access and ensure a seamless parking experience for students, faculty and guests on campus.

Use the power of data and make your educational institute a top preference among parents.

Smart Parking and Access Management Solutions Educational Institutions

Efficient Parking

Pre -Authorized Entry

Enhanced Security and

Efficient Visitor

A small change to hassle free efficient mobility

ParkGenie offers an easy to use and deploy, customized and scalable digital parking management solutions to affordably transform your school, college or university campus.

A multifaceted Visitor Management System and Permit Management System with several functionalities. The best part is that you tailor-make it specific to your institutional requirements.

Smarten your university or school, with ParkGenie and get access to the power of data, enabling you to plan seamless and secure mobility in your facility.


Hassle-free digital
permits and

Convenient to
purchase and set up

Flexible Permit

Improve parking

friendly solution

Easy and Efficient Permit Management

Use ParkGenie Permits to modernize your parking permit process effortless. Enable seamless access for authorised vehicles and appropriate use of designated parking areas to ensure, appropriate utilisation of parking space.

Permit access verification using can be done using RFID, ANPR or manually with digital recording.

Digitize permit management, make the process easy, increasing compliance, as well as automate access management and elevate your user experience.

Technology based effective Visitor Management

Educational institutions are not open to public access. To ensure the safety and security of students and staff, a high level of access control should be established. Visitor management systems are necessary to customize access control. Use ParkGenie’s visitor management system to establish firm control over on premises access and maintain real time records to enhance security and improve enforcement.

  • Visitor management systems help in clearly defining access.
  • Pre-register the details of visitors and make their check-ins become smooth, quick, and hassle-free.
  • Alerts on visitor arrival
  • Automated alerts and SMS to the admins in case of breaches
  • Real time and historical digital record of all visitors

Bespoke solutions to meet your requirement

Technology based effective Visitor Management

Live Parking





Data Analytics
and Reports

Use real-time data to improve operations

  • Use data to manage parking spaces effectively
  • With power of real time data and monitor real time parking availability.
  • Showcase live parking availability to visitors
  • Digital documentation of vehicle security checks
  • Use historical and real time data and reports to predict parking demand, parking habits and more
  • Use data to enable smart decision-making regarding future infrastructure changes better plan your manpower and resources.

Take informed decisions and save on costs.
Ensure a safe and secure campus and a positive user experience everyday.

  • Convert any smart phone into a access management and ticketing system
  • Easily connect boom barriers to our software
  • Connect any existing parking or permit management software or surveillance equipment
  • Monitor all equipment with one platform

Low Capex with High Impact

If you have an existing equipment or software solution we can help you economically upgrade your facility. Just let us know what solutions you are looking for, and we will seamlessly integrate and upgrade the your exiting infrastructure to a smarter and better solution while connect all your parking and access management infrastructure on one platform.

ParkGenie app can also easily integrate with your existing RFID access system. Helping you enhance the experience of all students, staff and visitors.

Let us help you provide a state of the art user experience at your parking facility

Pick your block and design your solution

    Automatic entry

    RFID/FASTag enabled automic. Employee vehicle, Entry system

    ANPR & surveillance

    Vehicle Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Zero trust security with video surveillance

    Authorised entry

    Parking Permit Mgt. Pre-authorized visitor management

    Auto ticketing

    Ticketing Machines. Digital Wallets/Fast Tag Payments. POS Enabled, Paperless ticketing

    Flexible booking

    Employee Application to search book and navigate parking

    EV charging

    Electric Vehicle Charging station management & booking

    Data analytics

    Real time data analytics and insights, Facility and tenant management dashboards/App


    Valet Management, 360 vehicle pictures, Paperless Ticketing, Digital Wallets Payments

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We believe, there are no limits to innovation

Think of your wishes to smarten mobility in your facility and leave it to “ParkGenie” to create a digital ecosystem to meet all your parking and access management needs.

If there is something you need, and cannot find it here, we would be happy to work to build it together.

You wish. We deliver.

We believe, there are no limits to innovation