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Smart Parking Solutions for malls, retail and shopping centres

At ParkGenie we understand how important parking is to a commercial shopping complex or mall. A common frustration for a shopper is to arrive to do their shopping and be faced with a traffic jam in the car park. It usually is, the start and end of the customer’s shopping experience.

ParkGenie offers a customized, integrated, flexible and scalable app cum web based digital parking management platform enabling you to transform your mall or shopping complex to smart retail facility providing a hassle free parking experience.

Smart Parking Solutions for malls, retail and shopping centres

A small change to create a positive customer experience

Parking is one key factors a user considers when deciding where to shop. Starting the customer experience in this way impacts negatively on how people perceive the retail outlet, and may very well be a reason they go to another location next time.

Smarten your retail asset with ParkGenie and let your customers truly enjoy a hassle free parking experience to remember.

  • Enable users to plan their visit based on availability,
  • Book their parking in advance
  • Never lose a parking ticket
  • Remember where they parked the car
  • Conveniently pay
Increase footfalls with a positive customer experience.

Real time occupancy

Parking Space Release

Parking occupancy

Flexible booking

Use power of data to improve ROI

With power of real time data, monitor real time parking availability. Use historical data and reports to predict parking demand, parking habits and more to enable smart decision-making regarding future infrastructure changes batter plan your manpower and resources.

Take informed decisions increase revenues and save on costs and maximise the ROI of your asset.

Unlock new advertising revenue streams

Use various parking ecosystem assets and combine valuable parking information with tailored brand advertising from businesses within the shopping center.

Use various parking assets to enhance communication with shoppers be it targeted brand messaging or announcements.

We customize these solutions based on your requirement.

Unlock new advertising revenue streams

Use Parking Permit to enhance user experience

Provide a special experience for your loyal shoppers. Give them digital permits that allow for access to special parking areas and facilities.

Employee permits can be used to incentivize employees to park in designated areas, leaving prime parking spaces open to paying customers.

Use Parking Permit to enhance user experience
  • Convert any smart phone or tablet into an access management and ticketing system​
  • Connect boom barriers and RFID to our software
  • Connect any existing parking management software or surveillance equipment​
  • Monitor all equipment with one platform

Low Capex with High Impact

Do you wish to modernize your existing access control equipment or software solution?

If you have you have existing equipment of software solutions to manage parking or access management, ParkGenie can help you affordably upgrade to a smarter solution. We seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware infrastructure (gates, barriers, cameras etc.) and software connecting all your parking and access management infrastructure on one platform.

Our solutions are flexible and cater to all sizes of offices big or small. Just let us know what your challenges are and we will help deliver a solution which drastically reduces costs of modernization, without even replacing your existing hardware or parking management software.

Pick your block and design your solution

    Authorised entry

    Parking Permits, Pre Authorised Entry

    ANPR & surveillance

    Vehicle Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Zero trust security with video surveillance

    Auto ticketing

    Ticketing Machines, Online Payment, POS Enabled Paperless ticketing

    Flexible booking

    Employee Application to search book and navigate parking

    Data analytics

    Real time data analytics and insights, Facility and tenant management dashboards

    Smart Valet

    Valet Management, 360 vehicle pictures, Paperless Ticketing, Digital Wallets Payments